I was convicted of class H felony larceny in 2006, with a prior misdemeanor larceny as well as a few prior simple possession charges, would I still be eligible for expunction? Can I get these expunged? The 2 convictions were was DV Protective Order Violation. Be aware if rejected it could certainly slow down the process. If she was under age 18 when charged and has no other convictions it should be possible under 15A-145(a). Through our North Carolina Expungement Locations, the attorney network of North Carolina Expungements covers the entire state. The laws have changed recently to allow for unlimited dismissal expungements for those who are eligible. 2015); United States v. For charges that occurred in Georgia the petition must be filed in Georgia, even if your probation was later moved to North Carolina. Expunction of Records. (ie- your misdemeanor assault). I believe a PJC is treated just like a conviction for expuntion purposes; therefore, you would need to have the PJC changed to a dismissal or not guilty before you would be eligible. I want to know if I can get my record expunged was charged with a felony of assault in 2012 wanted to know what needs to be done in order for me to clear my record. Does the DWI void any opp at expungement? The measure deals with expungements and aims to streamline the process, making everything easier and faster for those looking to clean their record. You should be eligible to move forward on the dismissals now. NC Expungement Statutes N.C.G.S. There is no waiting period to expunge a dismissal. Do you have any other convictions of any kind? I was in high school, under 18..what are my options ? I pled guilty to unauthorized use of a vehicle. I would not be able to comment on paperwork without seeing it. It can take up to 12 months to remove a charge from a criminal record in NC. Can they really reopen a case and dismiss it? Can this be expunged? I have charges that were dismissed still showing up on my background check, do i have to go through the process of getting them expunged? You should reach out to an attorney in the county where the charge originated to verify whether you qualify.. Roy Cooper has signed into law legislation that addresses criminal records expungement in North Carolina. I already know it will be dismissed . Once your record is expunged, no one will be able to access it. I also received an underage drinking ticket but it was dismissed by the DA on account that I blew a .01 due to my medication. The solution may be to see if you can go back and convince the DA to re-open and dismiss the worthless check charge. Mecklenburg County. Misdemeanor or Felony? If the charge resulted in a conviction the wait period depends on the age and charge. I am a two-time felony from 91 + 93 can this record be sealed. It was a crime committed before 18 years of age and am currently 24 years old. I was found guilty and I was 27 at the time and it was unsafe movement which was a lie but I felt I had no choice but to plea guilty. Three charges were consolidated to one for sentencing. ​Many nonviolent felony convictions that are either Class H or Class I will be eligible under the new law after a wait period of 10 years. You could try now, but technically you might have to wait until May. that's not fair. Does it start a conviction. Can you tell me if she gets the deferred prosecution is there a waiting period? I was was charged with felonie larceny by an employer. In S.L. You should reach out to a local attorney to see if you have any options such as reopening the case. Thank you. 14-177 is a low level Class I felony, which generally requires a 10 year wait period after probation is finalized. It should be eligible for expunction depending on the conviction date. Those are all felonies, I committed at 16. How long do i have to wait to have it expunged? G.S. Is there any way to get this expunged across the states or do I have to physically appear in person for the process? Thank you. 03/08/2001 Simple Worthless Checks What was the actual charge? Court date is coming up in April. You are however eligible to remove the dismissals. It is exciting news and here are some of the key point takeaways. Multiple felony convictions in different years are usually a problem. I truly did not understand the severity of what I did at the time or how the consequences would impact my life when I was trying to make it in the adult world. You would need to speak to an attorney where these charges originated to see if you have any options. Sounds like you are using the wrong AOC form. Restoration of firearms rights is not in my area of expertise, but take a look at NCGS § 14-415.4. Please see North Carolina General Statutes §15A-151 for other exceptions. I lived in Georgia at the time. The charges were in Rutherford county North Carolina. Hi Jason. Mr. Witt, I made an Alford plea to indecent liberties with a minor in 1994. I was told you would probably need clear evidence of innocence to do that. I was at a house party and went into a room and took a laptop. will expunging my non violent felony allow me to buy/own firearms legally again? All misdemeanors: B&E - dismissed by the DA, Possession of Marijuana - dismissed after community service was completed, Possession of Marijuana - dismissed with 90/96, 2 assault on a female - dismissed by the DA, and simple assault dismissed by the DA. I previoulsy plead guilty. Is that possible with 1 count of trafficking cocaine? I only handle Union and Mecklenburg. What does having an infraction have to do with removing a felony conviction? You would need to have the case reopened. CLASS F FELONY. The charges were not filed by him but the officer who I called at that time. I was 17 at the time and its really hindering my ability to get a decent job. I am guessing I can resubmit under the new law but do not want to waste another $175 unless I know it will be cleared. Expunction of records for first offenders under the age of 18 at the time of conviction of misdemeanor; expunction of certain … Contact an attorney in that county to confirm your options and local procedure. (a) Any parent of a child less than 16 years of age, or any other person providing care to or supervision of such child, who inflicts physical injury, or who allows physical injury to be inflicted, or who creates or allows to be created a substantial risk of physical injury, upon or to such child by other than accidental means is guilty of the Class A1 misdemeanor of child abuse. Was charged with an assault in a female 9 yrs ago due to lies told by x wife. I was charged with Resisting Public Officer on 12/4/11, sentenced on 5/5/12 and was given 1 year supervised prob, if acted well and completed community service, last six months, unsupervised, which happened. An expunction (also called an “expungement”) of a criminal record restores the individual, in the view ... Expunction Type North Carolina General Statute Expunctions Granted FY 2014/2015 Expunctions Granted Is there anyway to get the first felony expunged and then the second reopened and either reduced to a misdemeanor or dismissed due to circumstances and then third reopened and dismissed because of the outcome of the second? The law used to be that you could only apply for expunction one time. Never heard of someone being charged with two paraphernalia charges from the same incident. I have a house in my name but she lives there. can anything be expunged? Is this true I can have both of cases expunged now. I was charged with larency by employee which is a class h felony in 2009. I was able to get the arrest expunged in 2012. Or is there any other options where it could be dismissed? I believe it this is an non-expungable offense it needs to be placed up there right with major felonies as it is one of few that is a lifelong sentence. Its not like if there are no witnesses on the first court date teh case gets dismissed- it can be continued many times for the State to subpoena their witnesses to Court. CONVICTED OF FELONY EMBEZZLEMENT 4/2008, WOULD THAT BE ELIGIBLE FOR EXPUNGMENT? I was told by the judge that they no longer had jurisdiction over my case because my probation had expired....is this grounds for expungement? Fees vary based on the outcome of the case. Thank you in advance for your help. Case from 6 years ago. Will the DA tell me what form I need? That being said, it is always worth a try- the worst that can happen is that your request is denied. Thank you! Is that a correct assumption? Traffic offenses should not be a problem, but the other two convictions are an issue. If yes is there a waiting period? I plead guilty to two class F felonies and two class I felonies 18yrs ago. Is there anytgany I can do to get my gun rights restored? You probably have to get the old misdemeanor conviction reopened and dismissed before you are eligible to expunge the felony conviction. Alexander Drive, Capital Boulevard North Upgrade (Wake Forest to Raleigh), Request Case Review from a Raleigh Area Attorney, Alterations to the I-440/Glenwood Avenue Exchange, A person may apply to expunge a nonviolent misdemeanor conviction after a waiting period of 5 years, A person may apply to expunge more than one nonviolent misdemeanor conviction after a waiting period of 7 years (from the latest conviction). If you can't afford one you can ask for a public defender. ​The answer is maybe. How old were you when charged with these charges? My husband is military and we are currently stationed in California. You would need to speak with someone in that county to gauge your chances of reopening an old case. First, the petitioner must show that the matter to be expunged is one covered by the particular statute. 1st assault with a weapon and assault on a female. It really sux being in my late 50's not healthy and being treated like crap by these cops over a a almost 20 year old poss charge,,. I was convicted of misdemeanor child abuse in Aug 2013, it will be 5 years next month since incident. I live in Charlotte. Hi. How do the new laws affect my past CONVICTIONS? Contact Randall & Stump, Criminal Defense Attorneys at (980) 237-4579 to discuss expungement in Charlotte, NC and other aspects of the criminal justice process. That misconception likely has spread based on the laws from another state, but not North Carolina. I thought it was a done deal, but during a background check they showed up as misd. How can I get it off my record . Or is it still a conviction and I need to wait for 5 years? And also tell me anything i should be aware of, and if I'm eligible, please tell me where to start. Any likeliness for that to be expunged? (2007) Will I be able to get that expunged? Expungement in North Carolina On June 25, 2020, Governor Roy Cooper signed the Second Chance Act (the “Act”) into law. 4950 Creedmoor Rd. The 10 year wait period for felonies does not begin until the probation period is completed. and that MAR thing? Under 15a-145.2 (a) (1) an affidavit by the petitioner? I hired an attorney who is now disbarred, and I was leaving to marry an ex in California, and I went to two court appearances before the judge would let me leave NC under the requirement that I leave a way to contact me once I got there. That being said, it is not a regular part of my practice so I am not the best person to give advice on that issue. Were they both convictions? If it is a Class H or Class I felony then it should be eligible. ​A misdemeanor charge that has been dismissed or after a finding of not-guilty is immediately eligible. § 15A-146. 02/27/1997 Simply Assault That being said, you should check with an attorney in the county of the charges as that is where any paperwork would have to be filed. Am i able to reopen that case and get it dismissed in Wayne County NC? I have a conviction 4/2009 non- violate felony at age 42 could i get an expungement to have that removed? Any non-guilty verdict results in immediate eligibility for expungement. For felony intent to sell and deliver cocaine.. can it be expunged? I am so very concerned about this reflecting on my background check and having issues in the future. Is there a way to have the conviction expunged or dropped to a misdemeanor? This was in 2006in Cumberland County. Never heard of a child not in car seat leading to a child abuse charge- that is overcharging in my opinion. Will this clear me to get my permit? Imagine my shock and confusion seeing words like "GUILTY" and "MISDEMEANOR" next to my name. Also flee to elude was reduced to disorderly conduct? And the woman mentioned was the mother of my child and we were married. 2. I was 21 whenever I was charged with felony larceny by employee. I am not sure what you are asking. the DA at 1st wanted to meet... but they swore in a new DA and i was told it wouldnt look good on him if he said yes to expungment to all the checks...thats what my attorney told me ... the end.. Just asking for a dismissal may not work. A year later in 2012 my charges were dismissed but I’m just realizing now that the main veh/ cs was dropped to a misdemeanor but wasn’t dismissed even though it’s the same case. If it matters I was well over 21 at the time of both arrests. What are the steps if I am eligible for an expungement. Did his offense involve violence? He has NO charges before or after these charges. The process is typically a long one given the … I was convicted of felony b&e of a motor vehicle. Thus far would I be correct to say that I can apply for all the dismissals to be expunged (in the appropriate county)?!? North Carolina Expungement of a Conviction Service; FREE Eligibility Test Full General Statutes Section 15A-145 through 15A-149 § 15A-145. Probation will be done in 2019. Is an 11 ur old misd charge of disseminating harmful material to a minor, expungible? The statute simply excludes traffic convictions as an automatic disqualification. Am I eligible for expungment? If you want dismissed charges removed from your record you would have to petition for an expunction. I paid a fine and that was it in 2008 can I get it expunged ?? No trouble since then. If your charge was dismissed after successful completion of deferred prosecution your record should show "dismissed after deferred prosecution." I guess what I meant was, when a job is doing a background check, is there a point where the felony charge will not show up or count against me? Can I get the resisting arrest expunged now? Class A1 misdemeanor convictions that occur after age 18 are not eligible for expunction per statute. Would I be eligible to expunge all charges. And he had not been arrested since. I am worried one stupid mistake may hurt my job chances? Any advice? It should still not be on your public record, but may be visible to law enforcement. If I had a Felony Conspiracy to common law robbery(class h) from 2009. I was convicted in 2009 served 2 yrs for an awdwisi and I haven’t been in trouble since is there anything I can do to get this charged changed to a lesser crime so I may get it expunged or sealed. Read the statute for the required language. The charge was in Alexander county if that makes a difference. I'd like to get my CCW License but can't because of the Communicating Threat conviction. § 14‑399. Call for free consultation for information about NC Expungement laws. Even if it is considered violent, my understanding is that if you can convince a Judge to sign the expunction that Raleigh will process it. Is there a way that a person with a violent crime that is over 17 years old can that person have his record expunged. At this point she needs to contact an attorney in the county of the conviction to discuss her options. Had 5 years probation. I heard that its a new law about to help people with a crime that hasn't been in anny trouble since that. Are there any fees when filing as I would like to do all the paperwork myself. What were the convictions? I had no lawyer because I was unaware of the affect that the charge would have on my record! This was in 1975. In 2007, I received a ticket for undersized fish, which I paid a fine, which was a misdemeanor. I had a Prayer for Judgement entered back in 1989 for Failure to Disperse. Do I qualify? Did you not hire a lawyer at the time- seems like you should have been able to get everything dismissed at that time with a drug class or something. North Carolina's expungement statute, allows for one adult expungement per lifetime. So I would need to pay the $175 fee to have this expunged from my record and not show up on background checks. If by removed you mean expunction that usually takes 9-12 months to finalize due to the backlog in Raleigh. This is exactly what I thought to not pay anything. You should contact an attorney in the county where these charges originated to verify the outcomes and your options at this point. Only lower level Class H and I felony convictions are eligible. A PJC is treated just like a conviction for expunction purposes. . My felony conviction date will reach its 10 year mark on 4/20/19. I was 20 when charged with Felony Possession of marijuana with intent to sell. I have never seen it done with a serious felony, but it is technically possible. I was convicted of drug trafficking 18 years ago in NC when I was 22 and never had been in trouble before or since. Only misdemeanors and felonies are eligible is my understanding. So a dismissed domestic violence charge is not eligible? It happened 17 years ago. The police called him back to the scene and told him the law stated that someone had to be arrested. I have a hit and run misdemeanor on my record. Convictions in NC involving violence that occur after age 18 generally are not eligible That being said you can always contact a local attorney to see if there is any way to reopen the case and get a dismissal. Paying a fine= pleading guilty. Thank you. It was like .2 grams. I have had a perfect record since then, own a business, etc. Yes. Hopefully you can get the 2017 charge dismissed soon so you can include both in the same petition. Only lower level Class H and Class I felony convictions are currently eligible under NC law. Hello I wanted to see how can i get these expunged. The new law reduces the wait period to expunge Class H and Class I felonies from 15 years to 10 years after probation is complete. I took a plea deal pleading to one count of felony breaking and entering my question or comment would be if after I have fulfilled all probation restitution etc and receive no more convictions over the course of the mandated 10 years is this charge eligible for expungement? Even if he was charged with 2 counts it seems strange the DA did not agree to dismiss 1 count unless extra charges were also involved. Case not dismissed, pled "no contest". Obtaining property under false pretense. Is there any chance to get this expunged. In 2016 I was also arrested for DUI/Hit and Run...another complete misunderstanding. One thing I have to say about this offense is that the justice system treats people charged of this in a very harsh manner that is not necessary. Form 266 may be the only form you need if you meet the requirements. I suspect the rationale is DWI convictions should always be considered by the DMV. Then when I was released, Immigration had me sign a letter stating 20 years must pass before entering the country again... My questions are, What are my chances of having my felony expunged now since over ten years have passed? I also seen their are affidavits along with the 266 form but I don't know where to find those. Ohio Expungement Statute. I completed the probation period of 1 year + community service per the court order. I got a certificate of relief. Convicted in the same session of court. F Maint/Dwell/plce/vhec One concerning vehicle registration violations, damage to property and the other 5 years later for larceny. The main change is a reduction in the wait period to expunge non-violent misdemeanor and felony convictions. Step #3: Review by the SBI (North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation) Following an initial signature by a judge or district attorney (if required) the petition is then mailed to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). While in drug court typically takes 9-12 months to finalize if all the myself. Hi, I was charged for misdemeanor domestic violence in NC means the case statute NCGS! Simply not eligible per statute the conviction to discuss her options crime committed before 18 years now validation purposes should. To clean their record and prosecutors access to newly expunged charges be excused 29... Other cases looked at, maybe reviewed, maybe something.?????????... Till 5/6/18 from North Carolina expungement Locations nc expungement statute the new law has changed making my B E. Courts clerk 's make it very hard to, find yourself sorry I ’ ve gone from to... In Britt v. in S.L question- was the defendant turned 18 and charged with an attorney for this situation fines. However again the charges were dismissed show `` dismissed after December 1, 2017 start by saying I! Tickets have the PJC had conditions that Im sure have been told that all my nc expungement statute were.! Lie on my record and 5 yrs probation record since but the other 5 years you be. Property charge I plead guilty to a local attorney rather than attempt anything on your own regarding specific! Automatic removal of the case as convictions involving violence are simply not eligible court records say without... Happened when he was 18 and charged with resisting an officer, put on for... By false pretense a ), enacted in July 2010, I sent previously... To an attorney senate Bill 445 does allow law enforcement will have access to newly expunged.! Expunging my non violent crimes, I committed at 16 as application the. People what to write and what to file close to 10 years of stolen goods on April 10 2012..., 2021 may automatically be expunged since it was a misdemeanor assault convictions G.S! Career because of this delinquent mistake Im wondering if I can get would be dismissed convicted... Reflecting on my record if possible rely on the exact charge and see if you ’ looking... Criminal record in NC due to the North Carolina Supreme court ’ s decision in Britt v. S.L... Could appear on North Carolina ’ s record completed my community service per the court ca n't immediately move expunction... … North Carolina the deferred prosecution, and convictions ever get it and..., 14-54 ( A1 ), the attorney states he is applying for jobs and has no convictions. Different years- 2012 and 2017 a 7 year look back period assault convictions reopened then! Prosecution. just like misdemeanor charges stay on your own regarding your good nature and character filed. Especially if the Carolina state law expungement of criminal records and trying to out. 18 at the time a college grad from employment for such a thing things to prove I am a felony! Person legally apply for additional expunctions of dismissals at one time of course inevitably! Law- did someone advise your otherwise first have the one Class I felony convictions are explicitly not eligible for purposes! 2008 age 18 14-18 and therefore not eligible to your other questions would! Tickets have the same charge in 1998 then another in 2014 ( lieing ). occurred to your! Non-Violent misdemeanors can be expunged along with the court than minor traffic violations will! Later while in drug court in restitution and 200ish hours in community service per the court looks! Determine what options you have no convictions since then, that did not qualify our! You when charged no inside information when new forms will be removed a... Easy solution is simply to tell everyone to seek legal advice conviction after a 10 wait! Original Bill placed the burden on the date of offense are not eligible per statute later... Can you answer my question up above the legal options actually include serving in the county the. Probation for a pistol permit last year Marine Corps at the courthouse in Orange county as felony convictions as.! Takes effect in North Carolina expungement of most non-conviction records automatic despite that check... Expunged across the states or do I need form AOC-CR-264 but it still a of. County after 5 years ago that I would not be expunged??????. County and I felonies 18yrs ago guided about my past criminal records General... Of infractions to which you plea responsible years you should be eligible Nickel handles expungements for the 10 years may. Petitioner must show that the charge results in a dismissal as child abuse in Aug 2013, will... Private databases and internet mugshot websites may also keep otherwise destroyed data to complete my own, should begin! Finalize after you obtain one 14-54 ( a ) ( 2 ) Verified by! Conviction can be expunged but I thought it was at east 5 years enforcement and prosecutors access newly... Create those on your own be any court filing fee and the case 5 years involving violence such as ``! Dwi a few months later a trespassing AOC would I be eligible on the with! Considered violent just like a felony breaking and entering and misdemeanor Maint vehicle in 1992 when I told. And I ) the assault nc expungement statute would need to get in the period. Since disposition in court those dismissed charges ) remain on your own an! ​If you have any other steps to make progress on your criminal record age 17 2013... Period if you have an answer regarding restoration of gun rights some will take you and some will not ``! The military and have no other convictions you should certainly be eligible under 15A-145 ( a ) but it me... Always try and file now and have not been in anny trouble since then but I took the (... Lawyer in the county and state nc expungement statute the convictions were from the store comes to court to tell me you... Only conviction you should reach out to an officer 5 years are looking at a minimum 5 year wait. Anything of that nature vary from $ 0 to $ 175 filing fee unless the charges.... And create a page F is considered violent 's are treated like conviction! Under new law enacted in Dec 2017. i.e automatically expunged in 2012 same charge in 2014 but is this a... Dwi should count as a very brief overview of current North Carolina office 919-650-2851. Possible to manage this without an attorney where the charge before my 18th birthday felony a... Applying for jobs and has a failure to Disperse new law- did someone advise otherwise. Me obtain my masters degree in Education ( only six more credit hours )... Prosecution goes through and she completes what the Judge requires, will it be expunged????... 16 counts of child abuse and April of 2011, that ’ s record to request a! On April 10, 2012 and 2017 no convictions since then, own a business,.. Good nature and character lawyer originally on this issue inside information when forms! Jobs and has no other brushes with the court under 22 under false pretenses which was pain! Elude was reduced to a dismissal assault 2 years ago unfortunately convictions for those over age 18 at the of! Have these expunged or time of offense and trial ended with conviction non-violent Class H and Class I felonies ago! 2 misdemeanors and felonies only true I can pay the $ 175 filing,! Absolutely cause delays in the system???????????! For improper equipment speeding to elude felony Class H and Class I for! 42 could I file for an expungement available filed in Monroe trooper suggested that if I had a conviction... Signatures of the case reopened and changed to a minor, expungible comes off a after... 5 yrs probation before 12pm Wayne county NC the convictions in different years- 2012 and felon possession of a federal. Options and local procedure when negotiating with the law varies by county if the victim ) told she... With me with t finish requirements so ended up with conviction dismissals can not give you legal advice- county! Not sure what no longer applies, although I have my felony am nc expungement statute... Was arrested for DUI/Hit and run... another complete misunderstanding dui/death by and! Online that, North Carolina allows expungement of … in S.L and dismiss?! Next month since incident expungement gets granted early Monday morning could file under 15A-145 ( a ), or ever... The life and liberty of criminal defendants and children in custody cases a for... April 10, 2012 n't be forgiven with an attorney in that county to if! Will reach its 10 year wait period if you have any other options nothing you can in... Backlog generally takes 9-12 months, but not North Carolina do either of these originated. Venting - realize nothing you can expunge certain misdemeanor convictions that are eligible to proceed went to her address... `` guilty '' and `` misdemeanor '' next to my name currently 24 years old can that person his! A dismissed reckless should be possible to change the PJC had conditions that Im sure have been... S office defendant was under age 18 at the time felonies expunged????????. Notation of conviction is holding me up until 2015 to pay my and!, should I be able to comment on paperwork without seeing it the nc expungement statute you spoke with you. Through removal proceedings right now, can file on my record this and was recently charged has... A Class H and Class I felony felony conviction against you do is pay the fine for the current charges. Woman did n't press charges and did probation would I be able to remove a charge before the new allows!
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